MONSTER beats by dr.dre

Music is wonderful. You listen to it in the car, home, university, work or anywhere else where you have a mobile device with you that supports music playback. To listen to music, you want to enjoy it and not cringe at the awful quality a speaker or headphones provide, which is why when choosing headphones

Science, what is it?

There is a famous saying, that anything can be science if you just write down what you do, and your results of the experiment. This is, unsurprisingly, quite true. What seems like random experiments and messing around, can lead to some very amazing discoveries, for example, penicillin. Youth these days has a hard time to

The LG Nexus 5X

One of the most recent additions to the Nexus phones, the Nexus 5X is already a few years old, but that just means it gets better by the years. The price drops down, but the value does not. Constant updates, battery life and more, you have to love it and consider, so do not hesitate,

Travelling around the city

Living in a city has its perks. At the same time it has its disadvantages. And there are some things, that are both at the same time. Especially travel. On the one hand you can travel to any part of the city, as it usually has public transport, or roads which you can use your

Globalization makes us feel as one

Gobilization is a weird thing, People love it, as much as they hate it, and each side has their own reasons, usually well in reason. On the one hand, it connects is. Literally, we are connected by phone, internet, mail, everything. Distances seem like nothing. Living in Europe, I have never felt Europe, and the

The Point of Studying

Studying is rather odd when you think about it. Us humans, devout our whole lives to learn something and do something. And a big portion of it is devoted to academic studies. Twelve years in school, then at least another 3 in university, and God forbid you are in medical school, because you have at least

The Start of Anew

As the year comes to an end, you start to wonder what you did this year. What goals you put on yourself, and how many you actually accomplished, how many you dismissed and how many you flat out forgot. And each new year, we set new goals, new dreams and hopes and a ”new” mindset,

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